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Your Vulnerability Evaluation

It is no secret that when the cookie crumbles, risk will emerge within every marketer’s data strategy. Vulnerability is a given. But we are learning that most marketers don’t know where and by how much they will be affected.

  • How to Make People Not Hate Your Ads
    Advertising can be a great way to create positive, lasting relationships between people and brands. Or it can simply be annoying. As creatives, we need to listen to our audiences so we can tell the difference.
  • What Is Zero-Party Data?
    In addition to first- and third-party data, there’s also zero- and second-party data to consider. What are all of these parties, and where is this data coming from?
  • A Sobering Reminder
    Consumers want undeniably personalized experiences, but demand privacy in the process. But what is a marketer to do?
  • Your Vulnerability Evaluation
    Cookie deprecation is coming. Find out just how at risk your business is when it does.
  • A Cookie-Less Future Is a “You” Problem
    The Cookie-Less Future is coming, and it will be up to you to get ahead of the changes before it is too late.
  • A Call From Governor Google
    Cookie deprecation has been delayed, but that doesn’t mean we should stop planning for the future.

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