Your expert guidance for the massive changes in consumer privacy and marketing.

Ad Tech’s Approach & Unified ID

Moving towards a cookie-less future is not doomsday. Learn exactly what is being impacted, what you can do to prepare, and what industry solutions are being developed

  • New World of Audience Insights
    With the changes coming in 2021, it will be easier to better understand your audience, what they want to achieve, and how you are helping them do so. It isn’t just more data – its more insightful data.
  • Need Faster Decisions from Your Data? Start with Your Measurement Strategy
    How rethinking your measurement strategy can lead to better insights – and unlock a competitive advantage for your business.
  • Watch Now: ‘Opt Outs’ Will Be Okay
    While it’s normal to fear new privacy implementations, history has shown that consumers are able to adapt without major consequences.
  • Watch Now: CDP & Consumer Journeys
    Investing in a holistic customer data platform will open up endless possibilities for marketing and guarantees a better total brand experience.
  • Watch Now: Email ROI
    Email marketing is the queen of ROI, and the customer journey has a lot to do with it. Hear how this is about to expand even more.
  • Watch Now: Email Marketing
    Email marketing has a long history of protecting consumer privacy. Third party cookie depreciation means the rest of the digital world is finally catching up.

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