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Creating Personalization at Scale When You’re Not Amazon

By now we all know the importance of personalized brand experiences. But how do you find success without an endless budget, timeline or resources? In the spirit of empathy marketing, it’s time to have empathy with ourselves and acknowledge that tackling customized creative can feel overwhelming. The good news is, it doesn’t need to be.

  • 6 Tips for Personalizing Creative (at Scale)
    People expect to see ads that feel relevant to their lives. Get six proven ways to start personalizing your creative.
  • Redefining KPIs in a Cookie-less World
    Redefining KPIs and measurement planning without third-party cookies creates opportunity for organizational realignment on how business goals are achieved and how success is defined.
  • Do Consumers Care About Privacy Changes?
    People say that they care about their privacy, but do they care enough to actually do anything about it? If, given the opportunity, will they take action and opt out?
  • Rethinking Creative During the Empathy Era
    By rethinking creative, your brand has the chance to connect with people on a much deeper, more empathetic level.
  • Watch Now: Apple vs. Facebook
    Apple is putting in new restrictions on how data can be shared within the iOS platform. And Facebook isn’t having it. Hear what’s happening in the great tech showdown.
  • How Social Platforms Use Cookie & User Data
    As we prepare for a cookie-less future, learn how The Trade Desk is looking to Unified ID technology as a better alternative to the third-party cookie.

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