A Call From Governor Google

AdAge made the announcement on the morning of June 24th. In a blog post, Google announced that it would delay the Cookie-pocalypse until 2023. 

As we have been discussing since February, cookie depreciation is coming and it will have an impact on things like programmatic media and audience targeting. Google’s announcement won’t change that. But it does delay the inevitable. 

Cookies were never meant to do the things that advertisers are asking of them. For too long the industry has used them as a crutch, often forgetting who their real audience is in the process. We continue to believe that getting rid of this crutch and focusing on first-party data strategies will lead to better consumer insight, better marketing, and ultimately better results for brands that embrace change. 

Change is hard! But only through change can we find real innovation. 

Though this change is now less immediate, our counsel remains the same. As the industry works to sort our alternate solutions, we recommend that brands take the time that has been given to mindfully plan (and budget) for this disruption, test alternate solutions as they come available, and, most importantly, grow your first-party data. 

Now that we all fully understand what is at stake, and the impact it will have on our businesses, embrace this delay as an opportunity to prepare. 

Don’t stop, don’t get comfortable, don’t punt. 

Budget for audience personas and journey work, investigate CDP solutions, and get your first-party data growth plan in place. 

There is no single answer to these. Everyone’s needs will be slightly different. We are here to help you prepare for the future. If you are a Ciceron client, reach out to your account manager. If not, I’d be happy to help point you in the right place at atlas@ciceron.com

Now, let’s get to work.