Apple, Facebook, and Mainstream Press

Right on cue, the mainstream press has really begun to ramp up its coverage of the emerging battle between Apple and Facebook and their quests to be the icons of goodness for humanity. 

In the words of UFC ringmaster Bruce Buffer, “In the blue corner, we have Facebook. They stand tall for small businesses, claiming that 60% of small business revenue will be lost if Apple wins and these companies can’t run targeted ads.”

“In the black corner is Apple. They claim Facebook has bad knees and a weak chin when it comes to protecting consumer data. Plus they are the Holy Ones and can do no evil, according to Apple.”
While mainstream coverage of these issues, which we’ve been laser-focused on, is indeed validating, they don’t go deep enough into how the outcome of the battle will impact you and your marketing efforts. On Thursday, March 4, Ciceron’s director of social advertising, Phil Davis, will take you through the relevant points of the battle and help prepare you for a variety of real-world scenarios.

View the recording of our Coffee Break discussion.

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