The Complicated and Exciting World of Crypto

Depending on whom you talk to, cryptocurrency is either the next big thing or a giant hoax. To some, it represents the erosion of our global economic foundation. To others, it is a Reddit meme made manifest. And that somehow people are getting very wealthy from crypto perhaps indicates that our economic foundations aren’t so stable after all.  

Currency mined from computers, held in a digital wallet. It can be accepted in exchange for goods and services, but also not really. Elon Musk is a supporter who can drive the market with a single tweet, while also admitting that it is a hustle on “SNL.” Bitcoin. Blockchain. Dogecoin. $TKING… It can be very easy to hand-wave crypto as silly. 

To do so is very dangerous. 

Your brand may never create an NFT or accept Bitcoin as payment for your products. But it will be impacted by the disruption that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, in particular, will continue to bring to the table. Real innovation is happening in the space, making it all feel very reminiscent of the late ’90s/early 00s, when brands like Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube set out to reinvent the world.   

Getting Smart

So what is crypto, and why should you be thinking about it? Reflecting back on Elon’s “SNL” appearance, even the simplest questions are often met with frustratingly opaque answers. Thankfully, Ciceron’s founder and CEO, Andrew Eklund, has leapt into the deep end of the crypto world and emerged not only with an understanding of what the crypto landscape looks like but also how it has already started to shake up the status quo. 

He has offered his reflections on the current state of crypto, why it matters, and some predictions about the future in a recent blog post over on It’s an excellent read and a good primer for those who are new to the topic. 

There is much more that can be said about the topic, and Andrew would be more than happy to discuss it further or answer any questions that you may have. 

The Atlas team stands at the ready to help you unpack the potential of this exciting new space. 

Let’s get to work.