Your Vulnerability Evaluation

It is no secret that when the cookie crumbles, risk will emerge within every marketer’s data strategy. Vulnerability is a given. But we are learning that most marketers don’t know where and by how much they will be affected. This is alarming, considering how these vulnerabilities will impact everything from top-line metrics to leads, conversion, and revenue— all the things that marketers are held accountable for. 

We’ve developed a Vulnerability Study that will analyze your media portfolio and identify where you will be impacted the most. Once we uncover that risk, we can begin to lay out a roadmap on how to fill the gap. 

Below is a sample scorecard for reference. This is just one piece of the evaluation, but it quickly shows how many specific elements of a media campaign are at risk, and how that risk will impact the bottom line. This knowledge is crucial to help 2022 budgeting exercises, not only in media allocation and testing, but also in potential tech solutions as well.

Everyone will be vulnerable, some just more than others. Let us help you understand how to be ready for 2022 and beyond.

Let’s get to work.